A lover of language, both human and binary.

Writer, translator, coder. I build things and I catch things. The building is code, raising something out of nothing. The catching is writing, trying to weave a net to capture what streams endlessly by us. In both, I work to make something lasting, effective and beautiful.


Based out of Brooklyn. Available for freelance. Inspired by things that communicate and connect. Currently working as a front-end code queen for Hearst Newspapers.


Language cache: Russian, Spanish, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, HTML and CSS



Those who have worked with me have said:

The Russian in my book reflected my personality, style and was more conversational than literary. Anna wanted to be sure that her translation would be in tune with my style. The result is amazing. Her translation is so alive and we didn’t lose any of my personal tone.
Our line of communication was open, and she was very attentive to my inputs. I highly appreciate her patience and persistence...We built a close professional and personal relationship while working on the book’s translation and it was hard to say goodbye to each other when the project came to the end.

— Irina Bitenbinder, Just Remember the Dog

With Anna, work progresses in an environment of constructive discussions: one feels both a sensitive editor, and an uncompromising connoisseur of the English language...Likewise, her knowledge of the reader’s mind makes her translating and editing work highly effective at respecting their cognitive interests.

— Oleg Yurganov, The Dreams of Uncle Al

We maintained an active dialogue during the process of working together. Anna responded to all comments quickly and effectively, and most importantly, professionally. That, in turn, led to a quality result. I can wholeheartedly say that reading Anna’s translation was a new sensation—the book came alive with fresh colors.

— Alex Hint, Will Google Buy Formula One

Your code is good, your work ethic is strong, you get along well with people, you identify problems with the intent of solving them. A lot of people hit some of these things, but not many hit all of them.

— Michael Donohoe, VP of Product Technology at Hearst Newspapers